“They went down to Egypt and provided food when famine reigned; they came to the obstinate sea, and taught it wisdom with a rod; they went out into the hostile desert and adorned it with a pillar; they entered the furnace, fiercely heated, and sprinkled it with their dew; into the pit where they had been thrown an angel entered and taught its wild beasts to fast.”

~ St. Ephrem

“God descends to the humble as waters flow down from the hills into the valleys.”

~ St. Tikhon of Voronezh

“Humility is the only thing we need; one can still fall having virtues other than humility – but with humility one does not fall.”

~ Elder Herman of Mt. Athos

“Do not be surprised that you fall every day; do not give up, but stand your ground courageously. And assuredly, the angel who guards you will honour your patience.”

~ St. John of the Ladder

“Behold, this is the true and the Christian humility. In this you will be able to achieve victory over every vice, by attributing to God rather than to yourself the fact that you have won.”

~ St. Martin of Braga

“You cannot destroy the passions on your own, but ask God, and He will destroy them, if this is profitable for you.”

~ St. Anatoly of Optina

“Even though the Father of Lights has given all judgment to the Son, we fools seize it and judge our neighbor without discernment, without realizing his work and God’s divine providence for him.”

~ Elder Joseph the Hesychast

“When anyone is disturbed or saddened under the pretext of a good and soul-profiting matter, and is angered against his neighbour, it is evident that this is not according to God: for everything that is of God is peaceful and useful and leads a man to humility and to judging himself.”

~ St. Barsanuphius the Great

“God is a fire that warms and kindles the heart and inward parts. Hence, if we feel in our hearts the cold which comes from the devil - for the devil is cold - let us call on the Lord. He will come to warm our hearts with perfect love, not only for Him but also for our neighbor, and the cold of him who hates the good will flee before the heat of His countenance.”

~ St. Seraphim of Sarov

“While praying, a person should not have any thoughts but rather become selfess. Even the Holy Fathers say this: ‘While at prayer, behave as though there were no one else in the wolrd, just you and God.’ When praying, we should not be preoccupied with ourselves, because in that case we are so absorbed in our own needs that we ourselves are detrimental to our prayer.”

~ Elder Thaddeus of Vitovnica