September 10, 2015

Church Cleaning Day - Saturday, September 12

The interior wall preparation at the chapel has been completed and the chapel shows the signs of the mess.  With that, we will be doing a deep cleaning of the chapel this Saturday, September 12th beginning at 10:00am.  There is much to do including cleaning the cedar beams, the tops and interior of cabinets, cleaning existing light fixtures, scraping joint compound off of floors and walls, cleaning windows, mopping and cleaning the iconostasis. 

If you are able to make it, please consider bringing rags, dusters, razor scrapers (for windows) and any other items you feel may be helpful.  Ultimately the contractor is responsible to “generally” clean; however, he is not responsible to prepare the chapel for services – that’s up to us.  As the “messy work” has been mostly completed, this cleaning workday should be one of the last requiring several hours.

Services for the weekend will take place in St. Matthew’s Chapel at their scheduled times.  Services for the Feast of the Holy Cross will be held in the church hall.