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November 22, 2020

THIS WEEK—November 22, 2020

FR. AMBROSE and his family will be out of town this week visiting family for Thanksgiving. There will be no mid-week services.

PARISH CLEANING DAYwill be Saturday, December 5th. You should have received an email with details. Please make a note on your calendar–many hands make light work!

A BRIDAL SHOWER for Anneliese Shannon will take place on Saturday, December 5 at 2:30 pm at the home of Amanda Seaman. A separate invitation has been emailed—please RSVP to Elaine Sames. 

ST. NICHOLAS DAY—Matushka Christina will be decorating cookies with the church school children after Liturgy on St. Nicholas’ Day (Dec. 6th).  Any families that would like to participate should bring a dozen pre-baked sugar cookies.  Decorations will be provided.

ANNUAL PARISH MEETING—we will have our Annual Parish Meeting on Sunday, December 13 after liturgy. An email was sent out with all of the details and documents to review. If you did not receive them, please contact Amanda Seaman at [email protected]

ORTHODOX AFRICA—One of the things which has “fallen through the cracks” during these last months is our quarterly collection for Missions and Outreach.  As a reminder, we are supporting Orthodox Africa and the Coatney family (who is temporarily back in the States).  Please consider donating to this cause.  Whether you donate by check or online, please simply note on your donation “Missions and Outreach”.

STREAMING SERVICES—Services being streamed from Holy Apostles can be found on our YouTube channel
PRAYER INTENTIONS —If you have names that you would like to add to the 40 day prayer list, please send them to [email protected]. We will add them to the bulletin and send them to the prayer group. 

PARISH SUPPORT —During this time away from Church, it is still important to remember the parish in the form of financial support. There is a link at the end of this bulletin for you to pay your tithe online, or you may mail a check to the Church. Thank you!
BUILDING FUND —Please continue praying and giving sacrificially to the building fund.  Renderings of the new parish hall are now on display in the current parish hall!

April 13, 2020

Announcing Live Streamed Services!

We are pleased to announce live streaming of many of our services starting for Bridegroom Matins, Monday, 4/13/2020 @ 6:30pm!

Please click the “live stream” link in the sidebar to direct you to our youtube channel. From there, you may watch live services as well as previously aired services. Also; please subscribe to our youtube channel. Once we reach 100 subscribers we will be able to include more streaming improvements.