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Serving in the Church
"Above the throne stood the Seraphims... And one cried unto another, and said, Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord of hosts." Isaiah 6:2-3
In the services of the Orthodox Church, we join our voices to those of the bodiless hosts of heaven who worship ceaselessly before the throne of God.  This music, developed in the Orthodox Church through the action of the Holy Spirit for the past two thousand years has an unearthly beauty which has brought many to the faith.  It was this beauty which convinced Prince Vladimir to accept Holy Orthodoxy when his ambassadors returned from the Liturgy in the Hagia Sophia and told him, "We knew not whether we were in Heaven or on earth."
It is our goal as a choir of the Orthodox Church to keep this beauty alive in 21st century America; a time and place increasingly opposed to transcendent beauty.  With God's help, we strive to maintain a prayerful atmosphere during the services.  New members are always welcome to join the choir and learn how to sing the services.  Several of the requirements for singing in the choir are listed below.  Please contact choir director Luke Arrington for further details.
• Choir members must be baptized Orthodox Christians.
• Choir members must have the blessing of the priest and permission of the choir director to participate in the choir.
• Choir members must commit to Sunday morning Liturgy (Choir members arrive at 8:45am to warm up) and a rehearsal on Saturday evening after Vespers.
• Children 9 and up are welcome to participate provided they can meet these requirements.
Luke Arrington Contact info:
Phone: 918-638-8262


The brotherhood of readers at Holy Apostles is dedicated to ensure that services are conducted properly to provide a prayerful setting within the church. The ultimate aims of our readers are to recite in a manner that benefits others in their spiritual life in Christ, to aid those in prayer, to chant in a way in which words are clear and understood, to maintain solemnity, and to do anything we can for the betterment of the Holy Church and its people. Holy Apostles Church has been blessed with knowledgeable and experienced readers since its founding. While we have a wonderful abundance of readers at the parish, we are always looking to teach others, especially the young, the beautiful and rich tradition of reading in the Holy Orthodox Church. Please see Reader John Sames if you are interested in joining. 


The young men in the parish are encouraged to serve in the Holy Altar as a part of our communal sacrifice of worship.  Instruction and training is provided by Subdeacon Patrick Teague, and boys must be at least six years old and have the blessing of Father Ambrose to serve.  Several men of the parish are also part of the rotation, and help model for the young boys proper decorum in Church.  Those who serve stand as visible reminders of the Heavenly Host, which eternally worships at the throne of the Most Holy Trinity.


Our prosphora bakers support parish life by providing all of the loaves necessary to serve all liturgy and litya services. No experience in baking is necessary to serve the church as a prosphora baker, and we welcome volunteers at any point during the year. We get together in the parish hall kitchen usually on the first Tuesday of the month to bake for the month's services.  Interested parties should contact Father Ambrose for further information.

The Holy Apostles Orthodox Church Men's Choir has been singing concerts in and around the Tulsa area since 2015.  Accomplishments include singing at the Philbrook museum, performing a concert at Sts. Cyril and Methodius Orthodox Church in McAlester, OK, and singing annual concerts at Holy Apostles Church.  In 2018, the choir recorded a CD "O Marvelous Wonder" including hymns from Russian, Greek, and Georgian traditions along with several pieces composed by American composers.  
This is a wonderful way to nurture our 2000 year old tradition of singing, and it serves as a way to introduce people to the Orthodox Church.  Any men in the parish who are interested in participating are encouraged and welcome.  Ability to read music is appreciated, but not necessary.  Please contact Luke Arrington for further details.
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